The Ranch

Agapé Ranch Dog Sports (ARDS) is a 6 acre property located in Valley Center, CA. It is owned and lovingly managed by Scott Dike and Lise Ann Strum.

The facility includes 2 large training fields: The front field is 110′ x 150′. The rear field is 110′ x 275′. Both are grass and are fully fenced. There is room for about 100 cars between the front and rear parking lots. The rear lot is covered with Oak Trees which provide shade throughout the day. The fields are available to rent by individuals or groups or for day use, see our field rental page for more information. Events that are more than one day must be scheduled by phone, please contact Lise at (619) 857-7669.

We are a Premier NADD (North America Diving Dogs) facilityNADD titles are the only dock diving titles that are recognized and accepted by the  AKC (American Kennel Club) to be added to your dogs pedigree.We host several  AKC/NADD events throughout the year. Including a NADD/AKC National Championship qualifier event.

A 50′ dock diving pool was added in 2017 and features Distance Jumping, Air Retrieve, Vertical Retrieve  and Speed Retrieve rigs that will be that are sturdy and accurate. The pool will also be solar heated.  The pool is available for rental by individuals.  Also, classes are held for new and experienced dogs and handlers. We often host seminars on the many facets of dock diving and conditioning the canine athlete.

Dogs that are not AKC registered get titles through NADD just like any other organization. Through your NADD number we track your dogs stats throughout their career. You can get a NADD number, check your stats, look up a facility in your area, register for an event or just see what we are up to at

26417 N Lake Wohlford Rd, Valley Center, CA 92082