US War Dogs


Agapé Ranch Dog Sports is happy to announce that we have chosen a charity to support this year. It will be The US War Dogs Association. Our criteria for choosing an organization was that they had to be helping soldiers and soldier dogs. This one certainly fills the bill. Below I have listed some of the many good works this organization does. Learn more about the US War Dogs Association.

USWDA provides: Prescription medications for Retired MWD’s, Retired US Secret Service Dogs, Retired TSA Dogs and Retired CWD’s. Specialized Medical Programs for Retired MWD’s and CWD’s. An Emergency Medical Assistance Program. USWDA Carts for Retired MWD’s. Free Prescription Discount Cards. A Rainbow Bridge Assistance Program.

Founder Ron Aiello, also works with Mission K9 Rescue. MK9R provides funds, transportation, adoption, and professional assistance for these retired Hero Dogs. He is working with the Members of Mission K9 Rescue to further serve the needs of American Hero Dogs. Mission K9 Rescue is a non-profit organization with offices in Houston, San Antonio, Colorado Springs and Los Angeles. From these locations assistance and support is provided for Working Dogs worldwide. The organization’s purpose is to serve retiring and retired Military Working Dogs, Contract Working Dogs, and other Dogs who serve as they may fit into the mission and scope. Their belief that these Hero Dogs have a right to a good retirement, a loving home, and lifelong care. Thanks for your good work Mission K9 Rescue.

USWDA has recently added a program that trains and pairs service dogs with soldiers with PTSD and related conditions. They will be expanding that program to proudly serve the Military Community. We are excited to be a small part of it. Thank you Ron for your service to our country.

Here is a message from Ron:

As one of 30 Marine Scout Dog Handlers who served in Vietnam, I can honestly say we received no support state side. The Board of directors of the United States War Dogs Association, Inc. decided that we were not going to let our Men, Women and their K9’s who were being deployed to the Middle East be forgotten. So we Started Operation Military Care K-9.

These men and women are our family members, friends and neighbors. Their service and selfless sacrifice and that of their K9 partners should not be forgotten. God Bless them and keep them safe, Ron Aiello, President, U S War Dogs Association, Inc.


First Marine

Scout Dog Team

MWD “Stormy” and Ron Aiello

Vietnam 1966-67