Vhoebe du Loups du Soleil

March, 21st 2008 a dog was born that would completely change the course of our lives. We were not planning on adding another dog to the family but when Michael called and asked me to pick her up and we did it was obvious very quickly that she would stay with us forever. She has not been an easy dog but it has been my experience that the great ones never are. She is UUJ Vhoebe du Loups du Soleil  CHIC, BH, CGC, ED, EDS, EDG, Super Elite, Top Gun, Turbo, Sonic, UADU, OXP.

2009 Dock Dogs, Malinois record holder twice in 2009 Splash Dogs, Top Malinois 2009 Splash Dogs, 2009 SV World Champion, 3rd is her first Iron Dog event.

2010 Purina Western Regional Champion, 30’2″, 2010 SRS Crown Championship 27’9″, 2010 Purina Nationals World record holder twice 31′ and 31’1″, 2010 Splash Dogs Jr. World Champion, 2010 Splash Dogs Top jumping female of all time and Top Malinois,

2011 SRS Qualifier Champion. 2011 SRS Crown Champion. 2011 Purina Western Regional Champion with a World Record jump of 31’5″. 2011 Zoom Dog Supplements sponsor Vhoebe, 2011 Dock Dogs World Championship top jump 28’6″, 2011 Purina National Champion and New World Record 31’8″, 2011 Vhoebe is invited to the David Letterman Show, 2011 Vhoebe is in Sports Illustrated, 2011 Dock Dogs Top Ranked Big Air Zone 2, 2011 Splash Dogs Top Dog Overall and Top Malinois of the year,

2012 Vhoebe start jumping for Team 21 to raise money for kids with Down Syndrome, 2012 Dock Dogs Indoor Iron Dog World Record 3089.84, 2012 She wins the International Sportsmen’s Expos and gets her Dock Dogs Worlds Invite, 2012 Super Retriever Series Crown Championship 2nd Place, 2012 Beach City Dogs sponsors Vhoebe, 2012 Ties Splash Dogs Record 27’8″, 2012 Breaks American Diving Dogs Record jump with a 28″9″ jump, 2012 Purina National Champion and new World Record jump 32’3″, 2012 Vhoebe is on ESPN’s Top Ten Sports, 2012 Dock Dogs Western Regional Iron Dog Champion, 2012 Vhoebe is featured in Today’s Breeder Magazine.

2013 We get in a rollover car accident in New Mexico and myself and all 5 dogs live, 2013 We are contacted by National Geographic and Vhoebe will be included in one of their children’s books to be published this  fall. 2013 Vhoebe breaks the X-Treme Air Dogs record 3 times the best being 28’6”, 2013 Vhoebe gets two new personal bests at Dock Dogs, 29’2” and 29’4”, 2013 Vhoebe breaks into the sub 5 second club in Speed Retrieve with a 4.99,(there are only three dogs who have ever done that), 2013 Vhoebe gets an Iron Dog score of 3101.02 (only three dogs in the history of Iron Dog have scored over 3100 points), 2013 Vhoebe is on KUSI News Sports Wrap, Vhoebe wins the Dock Dogs Western Regional in Big Air and Iron Dog, Vhoebe breaks  X-Treme Air Dogs Retrieve record twice, Vhoebe qualifies for the Dock Dogs Iron Dog Championship, Vhoebe is one of 4 dogs invited to try and break the Guinness World Book Record, Vhoebe breaks the official UKC record with a new personal best of 30’3”, (Very few dogs have ever done that and she is the only female), Vhoebe wins the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge for the third year in a row, She was in the San Diego Union Tribune and in on line news all over the World, Vhoebe qualifies for the Dock Dogs World Championship and comes in second in Big Air,

2014 Vhoebe is in National Geographic Weird True and Freaky a Children’s Book, Vhoebe is featured in Dog Fancy as an extreme athlete. Vhoebe breaks the AKC/NADD distance record with a 29’6” jump. Her score this year were amazing , many 28 and 29′ jumps. We are invited to the IDC for the 5th year in a row and discover Vhoebe is hurt.

2015 We rehab her for a year and come back strong to win the Splash Dogs National Championship.

2016 Vhoebe does some jumping throughout the year. When she seems sore we pull her from the event. She has been able to continue to do what she loves and we are happy we can provide that for her. We believe the year we took off to rehab her made all the difference. At 9 years old she is the only dog to qualify for Veterans Elite at the NADD Championship in Florida and wins her division and a beautiful ribbon and plate.

Vhoebe has had a very successful career as a diving dog. She has taken us on the ride of our lives. Through her we have traveled around the country and have met amazing people and had great adventures. Thanks Vhoebe. We love you with all of our hearts.

We now have Eloise Du Coup Fatal (Vhoebes niece) and Vashni du Loups du Soleil. You have big paw prints to fill little girls but we know you are up to the challenge.