Agapé Ranch Dog Sports

Every individual using the Agapé Ranch Dog Sports facilities must agree to the folowing conditions and submit the below form. Once submitted, this waiver will be on file for the individual and span 2017.

Equipment Use - Please only use the equipment you are scheduled to use. If you are scheduled for the smaller field, don't use the large field or pool area. If you are scheduled for the large field, please stay out of the small field and pool areas. If you are using the pool, kindly stay off the fields. If something is damaged during your scheduled training session or event, please inform ARDS staff by phone 619-857-7669 or email

Dog to Dog Interactions - Please keep your dog on-leash or crated when not actually competing or working with your dog. Only one dog at a time per group, unless working on group exercises as set forth by your sport or instructor. Use of Flexi Leads is not allowed.

Dog Waste - There are yards are provided for relieving your dog. You must pick up after your own dog. We have stationed scoopers at each pen for your use. Please dispose of dog waste in trash cans provided in the front of each pen. There will also be trash cans in both parking lots. Do not relieve your dogs on the training fields.

Facility Arrival and Departure - If you arrive early you may enter the facility but dogs must remain off the training fields or out of the pool area until your scheduled time starts, especially if other dogs are using the field. If other people are training, please show them and their dogs the respect you would like in the same situation. Please depart training fields and pool area immediately when your time is over without interfering with individuals or groups entering the fields or pool area.

Behavior - Please be aware that harsh treatment of people or dogs will NOT be tolerated.

Photos - Be aware that photos taken at ARDS are property of ARDS for use on the website, social media and facility advertising.

Liability and Release – All visitors and participants must sign this liability and release form before using the facility. Forms will be kept on file by Agapé Ranch Dog Sports and your privacy will be protected.

Consequences - Any violators of this policy will be asked to leave the premises immediately and may be denied future use of the training areas and pool.


I have read and understand the rules for the use of the pool and fields at ARDS. I understand that my violation of these rules will be grounds for revocation of my privileges at ARDS, which includes my unsupervised use of the training fields, pool and pool area. I also recognize that the participation in any dog activity may involve inherent risks and dangers to me, my family, guests and my dog(s). I hereby waive any claims and release ARDS, its Board of Directors, Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Members from any liability for any injury to myself, family, guests or dog(s) while on the ARDS property or while using the ARDS. practice fields. I also expressly assume the risk of injury or liability including such injury arising as a result of the actions or inactions of myself or my dog(s). I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless ARDS, its Board of Directors, Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Members from (any and all) claims by or on behalf of myself, my family or guest that accompany me.

By submitting this form, I hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless the Agapé Ranch Dog Sports, It's agents, officers, and employees and assigns from and against all loss, cost, damages, expense and liability resulting from my use of the facility, including death, sickness, injury, and disease to any person or dog, or destruction to property, real or personal, arising directly or indirectly from my, use of the dog sport center. I do hereby acknowledge that I have carefully read this release of liability, and fully understand, agree with, and accept the terms and conditions that have been outlined above. Further, I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the rules for the facility use and agree to abide by these rules as set forth. I accept and acknowledge personal responsibility and liability for any injury or damage caused as a result of the wrongful or aggressive behavior of my dog, whether the loss occurs as a result of biting, jumping, scratching, digging, charging or any other behavior. I do hereby waive any and all rights that I may have to institute legal proceedings to recover cost of any kind. I have carefully read this release of liability, and fully understand, agree with, and accept its terms and conditions as outlined. I hereby do certify that I am over the age of 18 years, sober and of sound mind. I have reviewed a copy of the rules for ARDS use and agree to abide by these rules as listed.

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