Woof Project

Agape Ranch Dog Sports is a proud supporter of Woof Project Rescue

Woof Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group comprised of dedicated volunteers who specialize in rescuing Belgian Malinois on the West Coast of the United States. The dogs acquired are often from private or public shelters. They may have originally been picked up as strays or turned in by their owners.  Woof Project’s goal is to bring these dogs into rescue, work with them, train them and determine the best possible placement. Depending on each individual dog’s aptitude and personality, we then match them up to a working placement, an active pet or sport home.

Belgian Malinois are a lifestyle. We educate the public on the many reasons why these dogs are more suited for work and sport and are not built for a sedentary or idle existence.

Woof Project is especially knowledgeable about the Belgian Malinois. We have volunteer experts in veterinary care, nutrition and training. During and after adoption, we offer dedicated support for the adopter and the adopted Malinois. The Belgian Malinois community is a small, devoted group who are passionate about the Belgian Malinois, their well-being and the future of the breed.

Woof Project faces significant challenges, many of which include medical expenses. We do not exclude dogs that need more medical care. Many of our dogs come to us with serious skin conditions, illnesses, and/or varying degrees of injuries after being hit by cars, neglected and/or confined for extended periods, attacked by other animals, and discarded at an animal shelter. We also take in senior dogs and dogs with special needs.

In 2017, we saved 80 dogs, 20 dogs are currently in foster care – and still counting! For almost all of these wonderful dogs, Woof Project Belgian Malinois Rescue is their best chance to a great life.

Website: www.woofproject.org

Available dogs link: www.woofproject.org/available-dogs

Facebook link: www.facebook.com/woofproject

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